Critical additions you’ll want to add to your home security system

According to information published by the Federal Bureau of investigation, close to 2 million homes are broken into each and every single year – with $4.5 billion worth of property stolen or destroyed in the process of those home invasions.

74% of all property invasions are residential in nature, and this equates to about one home invasion every 16 seconds. This is why you need to make sure that the home security systems you are taking advantage of our is robust and as full-featured as possible, even if you are leveraging the home security systems provided by home security operations.

Here are some critical components you’ll need to make sure are added to your setup!

Wi-Fi active monitoring systems

If you do not yet have Wi-Fi active monitoring systems built right into your home security solution you need to make this upgrade immediately. Advanced home security solutions today are designed around a Wi-Fi connectivity that ties into your home network.

Then, through mobile applications you can download to your smart phone or tablet, as well as web browser tools or applications you can download on other devices, you are able to actively monitor and change the status of your home security system from anywhere on the planet – so long as you have an active web connection.

Wireless HD/night vision security cameras

It’s also important to have wireless HD and night vision ready security cameras implemented throughout the perimeter of your home, tying into that Wi-Fi connected home security system network.

These cameras can be implemented anywhere on your property, providing you with a full range of coverage that may not be possible with more traditional wired solutions. High-definition imagery is going to produce video footage that can be used effectively as evidence to help you capture as well as bring to justice the criminals that are attempting to break into your property.

Night vision is always a critical tool, as this is when the overwhelming majority of break-ins occur in a residential setting. You’ll want to be you to provide your family and your property with 24/7 protection, and night vision home security system components allow you to do exactly that.

Smart locks

Smart locks solutions are a relatively new innovation in the home security world, but open up amazing new capabilities that traditional “dumb locks” just don’t bring to the table.

Smart locks solutions integrate with Bluetooth technology to tie in directly with your smart phone or your tablet. They use NFC field technology to determine when you are in the area, granting you immediate access to your home or providing you with instant locking technology as you leave the property – all without having to fiddle around with keys any longer.

You’ll also have the ability to grant individuals access to your property on a case-by-case basis through the mobile applications involved, as well as have the opportunity to provoke that access whenever you feel the need to.

These can make a major improvement in your home security, and are well worth the investment – especially if you go in the direction of Wi-Fi connected home security systems as well.