Uniden BC355N 800 MHz 300-Channel Base/Mobile Scanner. Close Call RF Capture Technology. Pre-programmed Service Search. “Action” Bands to Hear Police, Ambulance, Fire, Amateur Radio, Public Utilities, Weather, and More. review

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Technical Details
  • 300 channels
  • Close call RF capture Technology
  • Preprogrammed service search for police, fire, emergency services, marine, CB, aircraft & weather bands
  • Temporary lockout, Search lockouts. Power requirements DC 13.8V
  • Backlit Display, 100 ch/sec Scan Speed
    "The BC355N is an affordable, basic mobile scanner that's great for home or mobile use, with 300 storable channels, coverage of all the ""action"" bands, convenient features like ""close call"" and program lock, and a wealth of powering options for different applications. Receives conventional channels on the following frequencies: (25-54 MHz) (108-174 MHz) (225-380 MHz) (406-512 MHz) (806-956 MHz) (excluding cellular telephone bands) "

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