Official As Seen On TV Atomic Beam SunBlast by BulbHead Solar Powered LED Motion Activated Security Light, Industrial Strength Adhesive for Easy Installation (Atomic Beam SunBlast 1 Pack) review

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Technical Details
  • ATOMIC SOLAR PANELS: Stop wasting money on your electric bill. Atomic Beam SunBlast's solar powered solar panels super-efficient and charge the internal lithium-ion battery even on a cloudy day. They create the brightest LED light!
  • 120-DEGREE MOTION SENSOR: Thanks to the 120-degree motion sensor, the outdoor security light turns on whenever you get near it. The state-of-the-art motion sensor detects motion from 25-feet away.
  • WIDE ANGLE BEAM: Other outdoor lights pinpoint light. Atomic Beam SunBlast has a wide-angle beam that lights up a larger area - perfect for doorways, paths, garages, and more.
  • INDUSTRIAL ADHESIVE: Add bright light almost anywhere without wires or pliers. Super-strong industrial adhesive mounts just about anywhere instant installation - works on stucco, wood, siding, and stone!
  • INCLUDED: You'll receive 1 Atomic Beam SunBlast Solar Powered LED Light in white
    Super bright solar powered light! You need light outside but hiring an electrician to install an outdoor security light is too expansive. And trying to install a light yourself is such a hassle. Introducing the Atomic Beam SunBlast Solar Powered LED Light. No wires and no pliers required! Thanks to the industrial strength adhesive, installation is a cinch. Just peel, stick, and you’re done! Atomic Beam SunBlast has solar panels that charge the internal lithium-ion battery. Wide angle beam lights up a greater area than a standard light. Part of the Atomic Beam family, SunBlast shines astonishingly bright.State-of-the-art motion sensor. Looking for a security light? Look no further. Atomic Beam SunBlast has a 120-degree state-of-the-art motion sensor. The outdoor light turns on whenever you get near, then turns off when you disappear. Atomic Beam SunBlast detects motion from 25-feet away. It’s the perfect security light for your garage, patio, back door, doggie door, shed, and more! Light up the night with the super-bright solar-powered LED light!

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