HARFO HL91 Fingerprint Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock with OLED Display, Perfect for Office & Home (Aged Bronze) review

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Technical Details
  • OLED DISPLAY + VOICE GUIDE will walk you through the whole process. You can simply use the touchscreen to add or delete user on the device.
  • ALL-IN-1 FLEXIBILITY, fingerprint +access card(3 include) + code(4~12 digit) + backup key + double verification to unlock. Up to 300 users max and allow owner to track entry record.
  • REVERSIBLE HANDLE fits either left or right handed single latch door. Watch the Install video: https://youtu.be/f3iQzp27EBo
  • SEMICONDUCTOR SENSOR bring you a effective and secure fingerprint recognition system. It works well for kids and the elder.
  • DEADBOLT BUTTON allow only admin users can access. When you enable this mode, increase your privacy level significantly.
    HARFO HL91 lock is equipped with OLED display, it makes visual menu based operation become true. Audit Trail feature allow you to track entry record. Double verification feature increase lock security level significantly. Enjoy adopted the latest semiconductor biometric fingerprint technologies that bring you a convenient and secure lock system.

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