Keyless Door Locks with Bluetooth/Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Electronic Smart Locks for Home by ZKTeco + 5pcs of RFID Cards (Zinc Alloy) review

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Technical Details
  • ★【4 Ways to Unlock】:Fingerprint+ID Card+Smartphone+Mechanical Key.(Suggest Operation Temperature:>=32℉)
  • ★【Reversible Design】:Handle, latch and strike is reversible design for all door open direction,Install guide video: search Smart Lock ML10-ID Installation Guide on Youtube. The Operation of ZKBioBT;
  • ★【Set Timezone Funciton】:Provide housecleaners, dogwalkers, and others with access for a few hours, a week, or just specific times of the day. Supervisor password,APP.password and bluetooth pairing password for your choices.
  • ★【Keep Track of Visitor】:See a detailed log of who has entered and exited your home, and exactly when they did, from your smartphone.
  • ★【NOTE】:This Lock is not waterproof and it's only for indoor use. It is not recommended to use in environments below 0 degrees.
    Those locks are integrated with Bluetooth communication and fingerprint technology, which enables you to open the lock not only through fingerprint as well as mobile phone. With the app you can also manage the lock and users including deleting user separately, assigning access time to each user and checking records through mobile devices.Operation Steps of ZKBioBT App★Step one: input Bluetooth pairing password, which default as 000000★Step two: input super password which is default as 12345678 to become temporary administer(App Setting>Administrator mode>12345678)★Step three: change the rights of yourself(Open>User>Authority) Product features *Support blue-tooth connection, unlock door and manage users by ZKBioBT App*Rugged, sleek and compact desig*Easy installation:No wiring .Fits door widths 1 3/8" to 2 3/8".Single latch and reversible handle disign*With the new generation fingerprint recognition algorithm*Rugged, sleek and compact design:Rugged ABS body and strong handle design prevents forcible entry*Low power consumption:4 AA batteries discharge only when a user is detected*Registration data are stored even if there is power loss*Capacitive sensing technology - Touch to open*External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery*3 user groups - Admin, Normal User and Temporary User Specifications *Material:Zinc Alloy and Plastic*User Capacity:Admin -10,Normal User - 60,Temporary User - 20*Communication Mode:Bluetooth 4.0*Operating Temperature :0℃~ 45℃*Backup Unlocking Methody:Mechanical Key & 9V Battery*Power Supply :4×AA Alkaline Battery*Door Thickness :30-38 mm (optional),39-46 mm (standard),47-54 mm (standard),55-60 mm (optional) Package List 1 x Outdoor Unit 1 x Indoor Unit 1 x Mounting Plate1 x Strike Plate2 x Mechanical Key 1 x Pack of Installation Guide

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